A ‘shocked’ and ‘devastated’ audience returns to Netflix after a boycott

  • August 11, 2021

An audience of about 20 people was stunned to see their favorite movies re-available on Netflix on Thursday.

The reaction was “shocked” and “devastating” to “the people of North Dakota and across the country who have been waiting so long for these movies to be released,” said Jennifer C. Brown, president of the International Association of Motion Picture and Television Producers.

Brown said it’s a “fantastic day for the movie industry” and for “millions of people around the world who want to see the movies they love again.”

Netflix said it is re-releasing “Star Wars: Episode VIII,” the first film from the upcoming sequel trilogy.

“The story of a young boy and his parents’ desperate search for the Jedi Order has captivated millions since 1977,” Netflix said in a statement.

“The films new trilogy features exciting new characters, new locations, and an exciting new story.

The film is now available on Netflix for the first time ever and will be available in full in North and South Dakota and throughout the U.S. on Friday.”

The announcement came a day after a group of activists staged a protest outside the Capitol in Washington, D.C., where lawmakers are meeting to debate a bill to repeal President Donald Trump’s travel ban.

A petition calling for the repeal of the ban garnered more than 8 million signatures, and more than 1 million people signed an online petition urging lawmakers to pass the measure.

The petition said the ban is “a clear violation of the rights of millions of Americans who are already suffering the consequences of President Trump’s unconstitutional ban on travelers from seven majority-Muslim countries.”

The protest was also held outside the White House on Thursday, where demonstrators held signs that read, “Ban Trump.

Keep Americans safe.””

The people of Washington D., D, are watching and demanding that President Trump and Congress enact a national emergency to stop the president from putting Americans in danger and shutting down our government,” the petition said.

“We will not let him win.”