‘Casper’ sequel has a lot to live up to

  • June 19, 2021

The sequel to the cult hit “Casper the Friendly Ghost” is in development.

The film is reportedly in production for release in 2017, but the project has yet to receive a green light from Warner Bros. The studio reportedly hopes to shoot a pilot episode of the film in 2019, while a full sequel could come out in 2019.

The original “Caspocalypse” aired in 2003, and was followed by two more films: “Caspar” in 2005 and “Caspen” in 2006.

The latter was the first in a series of three “Caspic” movies, and the series eventually spawned a television series and a feature film.

Warner Bros., however, decided to reboot the franchise after a disastrous launch.

“CasPocalypse” was cancelled after the series finale.

Now, with Warner Bros.’ plan to revive the franchise in the “Caspermovie” era, it seems like the studio is aiming for something more.

“We’re still working on it,” says Chris Morgan, who plays Charlie.

“The script is being written now, but we’re still going to try to get it done.”

He adds, “We know that we’ve got a good story.

We’re excited about it.

We have some cool characters.

We’ve got some awesome costumes and we have some great actors.

We just need a lot of luck and luck on the day.”