How Israel will punish Iran in court, but Israel won’t have to

  • August 20, 2021

Iran will have to pay for the destruction of an American embassy in Israel and an American military base in southern Lebanon, two Israeli court documents show.

A judge on Monday rejected a request by Israel to dismiss a lawsuit brought by an American citizen who said Israel attacked his home in 2011, killing his mother and his brother.

The American, who cannot be named under a state secrecy law, said he believes Israel deliberately targeted his family as part of an attack against Lebanon’s nascent democracy.

His attorney, Marc Reichelt, said in a statement that the case is a “fraud” that has been going on for years.

It is not true that Israeli military forces have killed innocent Lebanese civilians.

It has not been a case of the IDF murdering innocent Lebanese citizens, he said.

The case, which has been under seal, was filed in the Israel High Court in Tel Aviv on Tuesday.

The Israeli High Court said the case was dismissed on grounds that it was a matter of state secret and did not require a public hearing.

Israel’s Supreme Court will decide the case next week.

Reichelt said the court is expected to rule on the case in the coming days.

The case involves a 2012 case in which the United States accused Israel of killing a Hezbollah militant in Syria.

Israel says the U.S. was seeking to “influence” Lebanon’s elections and has repeatedly denied allegations it was behind the killing.

The U.K.-based Committee to Protect Journalists has accused Israel and the United Arab Emirates of using the U and T cases to intimidate the U to not prosecute Israel in the U Arab Emirates court.

The two countries have no extradition treaty.

The committee, which also has criticized Israel’s treatment of Palestinians, said the two cases were “a smokescreen” to cover up the U-turn on charges against Israel.

It said the U.-T case was “a thinly veiled attack” on the U,T cases and called on Israel to stop using the two court cases as a way to cover their lack of justice.

The Committee to Stop Arbitrary Detention (CPAD), which campaigns for the release of Palestinian political prisoners, said it was shocked that the U -T cases would be used to settle Israel’s legal disputes with the UAE.

“It is a scandal,” CPAD’s Rima Khalaf said.

“This is the third time the United Nations has called for a court in the United Kingdom to act to hold Israel accountable for crimes committed in the occupied territories.”