How to watch the Coen brothers’ movies: watch it on your laptop

  • October 7, 2021

Coen Brothers movies are now available on streaming services including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and Amazon Video, which are all owned by Netflix, but they’re not available for download on Apple devices.

It is, however, possible to watch them on an Apple TV or Mac, though the app for those devices does not offer support for downloading movies and TV shows.

The new version of Apple TV and MacOS X 10.12.1 is a major release and it comes with a new “cinema” icon, a change from the previous version that added a movie player, which Apple has since removed.

To access the app, just tap the icon in the upper right corner of the screen, and then the “More” icon.

To play a movie or TV show, simply click on the TV icon on the top right corner and the “Play” button on the lower right corner.

It’s a bit confusing, but you’ll soon find out why.