‘Darkness is my friend’: The Dark Side of Polaroid film

  • July 1, 2021

The DarkSide of Polaroids is a feature film by director Richard Donner.

It was released in 1998 and starred Michael Fassbender and Anne Hathaway as a couple who fall in love when they visit the remote polar ice cap in Antarctica. 

The film received critical acclaim, winning a few awards, including Best Picture and Best Picture of the Year at the Venice Film Festival in 1997. 

Donner has stated that his film is not a satire, but rather a film that tells the story of the struggle of an artist. 

His comments come in response to an article published in The Daily Beast in which actor and producer Anthony Mackie said that the film does not satirize polar bears, because it is a film about the artist’s struggle to survive in the world of the arts. 

In a statement, Donner stated: “It’s a film, and I do not have any agenda.

It’s not a film to tell the truth.

It is a documentary that is about the struggle for survival and the artist in the artist world.

It never says anything negative about polar bears.

The polar bear is a fascinating subject, and it has a history of being exploited.

In this film, the polar bear does not get exploited, but it is in fact exploited in a way that is very tragic.

The film never suggests that the polar bears are bad, it simply says that polar bears need to survive.

This is a story about survival and art, not politics or the arts.”