‘Scorsese: The Master’ on Netflix

  • July 12, 2021

Scorsese, known for his distinctive style and the way he often brings the viewer into the movie’s world, will be releasing his latest film, The Master, on Netflix this week.

The Master follows the life of a young Italian immigrant who discovers a mysterious manuscript hidden in a window, which leads to a fascinating and mysterious journey through the Italian countryside.

It is one of many masterpieces that Scorsis has made over the years, including the iconic Taxi Driver, the Oscar-winning Taxi Driver: Under the Gun, the best-selling A Few Good Men, and the recent film The Wolf of Wall Street.

The film was originally released on VHS in 2013 and then on DVD in 2017, and now will be available on Netflix.

“Scorses masterpieces have inspired countless generations of filmmakers to create their own unique, imaginative, and inspiring films,” Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said in a statement.

“The Master is the perfect example of that.

It was originally meant to be the beginning of a new generation of filmmakers who will be able to see this incredible legacy of Scorses work.”

The Master is set to open to theaters in 2019.