How to watch Prometheus 2, the sequel to the sci-fi actioner, with your eyes closed

  • September 24, 2021

There is something about the opening moments of Prometheus 2 that’s almost surreal.

You know you’ve seen it, but you still haven’t seen it.

You may have seen some of the earlier footage, but it’s still hard to believe it’s a sequel.

The opening scene, with its slow motion, and the eerie, ominous tone of the movie’s title, is so well thought out and constructed that it almost seems like the movie is being told in an alternate universe.

This is because the movie isn’t.

It’s a movie of science fiction.

It was written and directed by Ridley Scott and starring Chris Hemsworth, Matt Damon and Amber Heard.

It follows the exploits of a group of astronauts aboard the Ares 5 space station as they try to escape a deadly virus.

In a twist that will leave fans of the original film wondering why they’d want to see it again, the sequels are set in the future, with human beings from Earth, Mars and beyond now in space.

But they’re also set in a time when humanity has evolved to a point where they can live in space, and that’s the idea of the film.

“It’s an evolution of the human race, in the sense that we can do what we’re doing now and it’s possible to do things differently, and this is the ultimate goal of what this film is about,” says James Gunn, who also wrote and directed the original.

“We’re trying to be a little bit more futuristic than what people imagined, but still very much grounded in the science.”

The story of the sequel follows two astronauts who have been on the Ares spacecraft for years.

As the Ares program begins to lose the crewmembers who have become stranded on Mars, they decide to use the opportunity to explore the outer reaches of the solar system.

This means that they have to use their advanced technology to go back in time, and they do so with the help of a mysterious young woman named Rose.

“I love that she’s an alien.

I love the idea that she was brought here to help us,” says Gunn.

“She’s the only person who can help us.

She’s a genius.

She was brought to us, because we needed someone to go in time to save them.”

This film follows the story of a young woman who is one of the only ones who can stop the virus that’s wiping out the crew.

This young woman is a girl named Rose, and she’s part of the mission.

“The idea is that it’s the first time we’ve been in space,” says Scott.

“They’re the only people who can actually stop the killer virus that has been unleashed.”

The two young astronauts are played by Hemsworth and Damon.

Both have been a part of many of the sci fi films in the franchise.

Hemsworth played Captain Jack Harkness in the 1999 reboot of the franchise, while Damon played the iconic human space explorer James T. Kirk in the original Star Trek.

But this is their first time in space together.

“Rose is the one who’s going to go into space to save the crew,” says Chris Hemsell.

“So the two of them have to learn how to operate in this kind of extreme environment and it’ll be fascinating to see how that unfolds.”

But the film isn’t about Rose, or any of the other humans on the mission, who have all perished.

Instead, it’s about the crew members who are left on Earth to survive.

The crew of the Ares 2, along with the crew of Prometheus 1 and 2, have been left behind in the year 2100, but they’re now going to try to find a way to survive without dying.

“If we’re all alone in this world, then that means the universe is ending,” says director James Gunn.

The film has a lot to say about the evolution of humanity in the 20th century, but one of its most striking themes is the idea you don’t have to live in a utopia to make a difference.

“People have come a long way, but we’re still trying to make sure we’re going to live with the consequences of the choices we’ve made,” says producer and co-writer David Ellison.

“You can’t have a utopic utopia, because it just means there’s no room for people.”

The film’s story centres around the crew’s journey back in 2021, which they do in a way that’s similar to the original one, but also adds some extra layers of irony.

“When the mission ends, the crew returns to Earth with the Ares 3, but the mission was also a test,” says Ellison.

The Ares 3 is essentially a reworked version of the spacecraft, with more advanced technologies, and it has the potential to be much more advanced than the original Ares 1.

“What we really want to do is to explore what’s the next step in human evolution, which