‘Deadly’ movie on ‘Hannibal’ debuts in D.C. theater

  • September 28, 2021

On Friday, AMC’s Hannibal premiered in D-Cap theater, the first time the acclaimed crime drama has opened in the nation’s capital since 2006.

It also opened in a handful of other cities across the country, including New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago.

The show, which stars Matt Smith as Lecter, is set in a fictional city called L.A., where a serial killer is on the loose.

The title comes from the character’s signature quote: “I’m a monster.”

The new film, which also stars Hugh Dancy as a young lawyer who works for the state of L.I., has garnered mixed reviews from critics.

The film’s debut was greeted with mixed reviews by critics, but critics were also critical of the plot.

A recent film review in Variety called the movie “a sad, ugly mess.”

Actors and directors were also wary of the film, with Variety saying “the first half of the movie is full of cheap tricks and cliches that make it feel like an over-produced rip-off of a cult classic.”

The film is being released in theaters nationwide this week, but some theaters are holding screenings ahead of the release.

Here’s a look at what we know about the film so far.

A movie theater that’s showing the filmA D.N.C.-affiliated theater in the District of Columbia was one of the first to screen the film on Friday.

The theater also is showing “Hannibals” at other locations in the city.

The theater in question is located in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, and it has screened the film at least twice since the movie’s debut.

The Capitol Hill Cinematheque in the 1600 block of W Street NW is the first theater in Washington to screen Hannibal, which is set to hit theaters on July 21.

It is also the first location in the United States to screen it.

The movie premiered at the theater on Wednesday.

It’s being released digitally via Hulu and on-demand on July 14.