Horror film Turbo Film will be released in 2017, producer says

  • August 5, 2021

The horror film Turbo will be the first monster hunter film in 2017.

It’s set to be released by Lionsgate, a major studio with a history of producing horror movies, on December 31.

It was written and directed by Matt Damon, who also co-wrote and directed the 2017 film The Conjuring 2.

Turbo, which will be made by Universal Pictures, is a sequel to the 2008 horror movie Monster Hunter, in which the titular monster hunter teams up with a paranormal investigator to fight off an army of giant, flying, green-skinned monsters.

Turbo stars James Franco, Katherine Waterston, Ryan Reynolds, and Dan Stevens.

Universal Pictures has yet to announce a release date.

Monster Hunter was the first of many horror movies to be made at Universal in 2017 including the sci-fi drama Inception, which starred Matthew McConaughey, and the horror thriller, The Witch.