What’s on the Polaroid film festival?

  • July 29, 2021

Polaroid is planning a film festival on the island of Sulawesi this year, the company said Tuesday.

The Polaroid Polaroid Festival, as it’s being dubbed, will take place from Aug. 15-19 at the Royal Australian Museum and will feature some of the most popular film titles of all time.

It’s unclear what kind of film Polaroid will be showing at the event.

It’s also unclear what titles Polaroid plans to show, if any, or whether the event will be televised.

It also isn’t clear whether the festival will be livestreamed.

The company says the festival is open to all Polaroid fans.

There are also plans to feature the company’s newest and most expensive line of Polaroid glasses, which feature new lenses that are specifically designed for viewing Polaroid.

The new Polaroid lenses have a larger aperture for better clarity.