How to Make a ‘Patton’ Movie with a Short Film Source CBS News

  • June 19, 2021

The movie industry is looking to capitalize on the popularity of the new Netflix comedy series Patton, which stars Patton Oswalt.

The new show, which debuted this weekend on the streaming service, follows a group of college students who get together to discuss their feelings about the recent shooting in Virginia and the ensuing national debate about gun control.

It’s part of a broader push by Netflix to create content that could be viewed by people who may not have access to a TV.

The streaming service launched a series of shows that focused on sports, entertainment and political topics in 2015.

Netflix, which also owns the streaming TV channel HBO, said in a statement it’s exploring the possibility of launching its own sitcoms, short films and movies.

Netflix is also exploring other ways to expand its catalog of original programming, including an ambitious new streaming service called All Access that aims to reach new audiences.