Which Aquaman movie is the best?

  • August 17, 2021

An online poll conducted by Vice News found that an Aquaman sequel is the most popular film on the internet, with fans overwhelmingly agreeing that the film is a “classic”.

The poll, conducted by the website The Cinematic Titanic, asked participants to rank the 50 best films from the 50 biggest blockbusters of the last 50 years.

The poll concluded that Aquaman is the only film that “has a fanbase that hasn’t died off”, and that “it’s definitely a classic.”

However, the film’s popularity on social media, with users responding to the poll’s question with comments such as “this is a classic!”, “this one is even better”, and “I’m going to watch this”, may not be a coincidence.

Aquaman is based on the 1980s comic book series by Gerry Conway and Brian Bolland, written by Conway and drawn by Brian Bollan.

The film follows the adventures of the titular superhero in his search for his long-lost daughter, and features a cast of familiar faces including Chris Pine, Amber Heard, Jaimie Alexander, and Zendaya.

A sequel to the film, titled Aquaman: The Final Chapter, was announced in June this year.