Why are there so many strange and creepy films on Indian websites?

  • September 15, 2021

The films listed below are just a sampling of what is available on Indian cinema websites.

Most are from outside the country, and many are available on streaming platforms, but we have also included the best known Indian films from around the world, including classics like Bollywood, Telugu, Hindi, and Tamil.

It’s important to note that the majority of these films are available for viewing on Indian-language websites.

In fact, many of the movies listed below have been shown on television in India.

Here are some of the most bizarre and creepy Indian films, along with some of our favorite titles. 

Bollywood, The Godfather: Part III Bollywood is known for its odd and bizarre movies that combine the bizarre and fantastical elements of Bollywood with the darker and grittier tone of its Western counterparts.

In addition to being a genre that often has a darker and more violent component to it, Bollywood films have also become an extremely popular genre of film in India, due to its high box office success.

One of the films that has garnered much attention in the media is Bollywood’s cult classic, The Grapes of Wrath. 

Mirror, The Mirror: A film directed by Bollywood director Satyajit Ray. 

Tikal: An animated film about a family of four living in a small town in South India. 

Passion: An erotic animated film directed and written by Satyavita Roy, based on a novel by Anushka Sharma. 

Ace in the Hole: A romantic comedy starring Amitabh Bachchan and Anushkha Rao, and based on the novel by Arjun Kapoor. 

Saiyan: A Bollywood action film, based off the novel Byung Hee Lee. 

I Can’t Wait: A comedy by actor Anupam Kher and directed by the filmmaker Shyamalan. 

Crazy Little Thing Called Love: A love story starring Dhananjaya Nagesh, which was written and directed in Hindi. 

Kashmiri Girl: A horror film directed in the style of the French film, The Descent. 

Hindi-language films are very popular in India and have been seen as a new wave of cinema.

In India, the language is widely spoken and there are many film festivals held in the country every year. 

Indie Cinema: Indie films have always been a hot topic, with several indie directors making films that cater to a variety of audiences, ranging from indie actors to indie directors to film-makers.

Indian films have been a popular subject for Indian filmmakers to work on, due in large part to their unique cultural backgrounds and aesthetic style.

The following is a list of some of Indian indie films that are often mentioned in the Indian media, including the best of Indian cinema. 

Love and Sex in the City: A documentary film starring Shabana Azmi, and directed and produced by Akshay Kumar. 

Anurag Kashyap’s The Golden Years: A feature-length film based on Akshays work titled The Golden Days. 

Gangsta Girl: An anti-feminist film directed with the help of Akshaye Kapoor and directed with a screenplay by Shabnam Kher. 

The Indian Summer: A thriller film directed, written, and produced in English by Shubham Sharma.